Sunday, 24 May 2015


For me the most difficult part of having a perennial garden is 'patience'. It's quite alarming to see everything die back at the end of the growing season but so delightful to watch it all spring back to life again starting in Spring. This is my first time of seeing that happen.
These photos were taken on 21 December 2014 to show how it looked on the first day of winter.
and the above 2 photos show it on 21 March 2015 when Spring had sprung. Another month to go before Summer but this is how it looks today.
I am so happy with it and it's a delight to sit out there when the sun shines.


Sue Balawajder said...

Looks like you have "green fingers" (gardening not distress inks :0) ).Its nice to sit and watch the world go by in a pretty garden.

Caty said...

How beautiful is your "" little garden "" , really fantastic the nature!! Big hugs.

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow! Enjoy ! xxx