Saturday, 8 August 2015


Since we bought the camper 13 years ago, I have disliked the upholstery. Being Hymers demo vehicle or 'flagship' according to them, we had no choice over colours. Blue is not a favourite colour of mine although it doesn't completely turn me inside out. However, the curtains and blackout blinds are blue. The seats are covered in an absolutely awful design of material in blue, green and a rather weird gold.
See what I mean.
Anyway all the seats which are mainly in the sun have faded and the captains seats arms are quite mucky. Time to do something about it all, so I have.
The start of tackling those captain seats. What a job it was to remove the arms.
There are 6 of the Devils.
All back together at last. I've bought some beige material to compliment the cushions you can just see and I'm going to make some slip over head rest covers to knock off a bit of the blue but also to protect the chair in the foreground as it seems to act as a steady for my hubby when coming in and going out of the camper - doesn't matter whether his hands are clean or not then as the covers can be washed. That's my next job which I plan to cut out whilst here at the Elvington large model aircraft show near York.
The bench seats all look smart too.
My gorgeous patchwork throw and cushions stand out much better on the dark background courtesy of my special pal Sylvia who is chomping at the bit to start even more gorgeous patchwork.
I will have to tackle the base covers on the captain seats after that as the material is simply popped on top of them at the moment. The problem with those is the fact I can't kneel down for long enough and certainly can't get up again!!! I may have to come up with a plan there me thinks.

Right, I'm off to start this gorgeous day.


Sue Balawajder said...

No one could say you were afraid of hard work! It looks very impressive. Well done.

Barb said...

You amaze me Joanne with all the different things you do. A Jack of all trades certainly and seem to be a master of them all too. You clever girl you. Barbxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Joanne - travelling Premier class now! Well done to both of you! Hope you are enjoying some good weather! Chrisx

Hazel (Didos) said...

I love what you have done its amazing, It looks like now now, Well Done Love Me xx