Sunday, 15 August 2010


Gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine today. Boiling hot and another car boot under my hat.
We went last night because you can camp for free if you have a stall, plus it saves that very early 'get up' to be at the venue for 7am.

This was our view when we arrived.

 and this was the opposite side a couple of hours later.

The evening was just beautiful.

We settled down and watched as others arrived, even someone we know from round the corner from where we live! before turning in around 11pm and setting an alarm for 6.15am. What a waste of time that was because we were woken at 5am!!!!! by other stall holders setting up!!!

We had no excuse but to join them and get cracking ourselves.

We had a reasonably busy time, managing to clear some items. The rest will now go to our NW Ambulance charity shop tomorrow.

'Peg Leg' has given up and gone to bed now - time 7pm! Not sure whether I will last the night either.


She said...

Gorgeous views Joanne, looks like you had a good sale too! Hopefully catch up with you soon. S xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne - I was just talking about car boot sales with my man dave (he loves them) and I remembered this one - it looks ab fab - where is it? sonia