Monday, 23 August 2010


I'm glad last week has gone and can only hope that this week is a better one.

Yesterday was awful. Both 'peg leg' and I had some sort of bug which knocked us for six. I managed to get up but not 'til nearly the afternoon, whilst 'peg leg' didn't see the light of day. We both feel a bit better today but have only just got up now.

My car gave up the ghost last Wednesday. Turns out the battery had had enough so we had to buy a new one. Then on Thursday I broke a tooth! Fortunately my dentist saw me that afternoon and put a temporary filling on it. I have to go back for a more permanent one. Trouble is, the broken tooth is right next to a wobbly one. He reckons that it could last 5 years but then I will have to have a bridge causing loss of the one he is going to fill. Better start saving 'cos that will be another £500 I bet. My chin is still not right, but at least the swelling has gone and it's not so red and sore. I'm rubbing vaseline into the skin to put the moisture back and it's working fine. Hooray!

So all plans last  week went right out of the window and this week sees more appointments, like 'peg legs' MRI scan. Let's hope they get their records right this time.

All I managed yesterday was cutting out some pre-stamped flowers ready to faux enamel. I used the flower power set from the Artistic Stamper. I love these simple little images.

Looks like I stamped several on my worksheet also!

On a special note. We got an early call from my son this morning to tell us that today is a very big



For those of you who know me, today is the day my 2 special grandchildren become 'officially' part of our family.

Now that's a good start to the week if there ever was one.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Ahhh thats brilliant for your family getting the 2 Additions "Officially"
Congrats to you all. So sorry to hear you have been poorly. Think its this darn weather we are having at the mo!!! Grrrrr
Hope this week continues as it has begun with happy events. Love Hazel
P. S thats my next crafty buy the stamp from Jennie!!!

Hels Sheridan said...

So you had a heap of nasties last week hun and glad to hear things is getting better now ... but... WHOOO HOOO Iam sooooo chuffty tuffty for you all. that is brilliant news! Oh and I can't wait to see what you do with the flowers xx

SDCrafts said...

They do say we can only appreciate the good days if we have experienced the bad ones but your lot does seem a bit extreme of late, Joanne.

Has the telepest evaporated?

Heather said...

Sounds like you've both been having a really rough time this past week, why is it that everything always seems to come at once? But glad you're feeling a bit better and the news today about your grandchildren must've put a big smile on your faces!
Heather x

She said...

Oh Joanne, so sorry you have both been under the weather. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Sorry to hear about your teeth too - I'm scared stiff of the dentist - should really go for a checkup! Love that Flower set - one of my newest buys! Good news about your grandchildren - that must have cheered you both up. Be in touch soon. Love S xxx