Sunday, 13 March 2016


The heading says it all. I've hardly done a thing these past few days, at least nothing to shout about. Both hubby and I have felt really 'rotten' for a few days. Can't say we are poorly though he has a very sore throat on one side which is affecting his eating - don't feel sorry for that situation cos he could do with losing some weight - I never said that!!!!
Seriously, he did manage to cut and fit the beading to the floor/cupboards in the kitchen. He did that just to try and fight his 'poorly' feelings. 
The day was just so beautiful that we managed to sit out for a while.
I'm fighting off being upset that I didn't manage to get to at least one of the Ink Buds workshops this weekend. Just waiting for a confirmation of the date of the next one because it's not looking good either - (I am currently swearing!!!!!)

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Barb said...

Sorry to hear you're both feeling poorly and especially sorry to hear you missed your workshop.

Last year I missed my trip to the NEC through being ill. The coach and ticket were booked and paid for too. I hope you can get into the next workshop and hope you'll both soon be better. Barbxx