Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Actually had some energy today, woohoo! 
Firstly, just look at this.
See the pink twig, it's part of the gorgeous flowers from Mother's Day. It's actually sprouted leaves. Looks amazing. I'm hoping it roots now.
Our internet went down right after I Blogged yesterday and didn't come back until the early hours. Surprising how much you miss it. Sad life eh!
Anyway, we went on the search for greenhouse information instead and although we have an abundance of garden centres and DiY stores around, only one sold greenhouses from display. I saw a couple that will do, just have to get saving ready for next year now.
This was my favourite, well the Dartmouth, just had to be.
Determination to get on with the garden throw took hold today so after a visit from our Susi, I got stuck in and completed the machine sewing - I think. I may do a bit more but really what's left is hand sewing. 
I cut the binding then pressed it.
Sewing it to the throw wasn't as bad as I expected, I even managed mitred corners.
I can sit happily and hand sew away now. 
Off for my first hospital appointment tomorrow. I've waited so long that things have almost cured by themselves. I may not have to go 18 times with any luck.
Bye for now.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Good luck for tomorrow! Chrisx