Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Today I sacked my handyman aka hubby. He had just one more task to remedy in the kitchen - re-cutting the pelmets both over and under the cupboards as they were sticking out too much. Have to admit, I wanted them like that when they were first installed but soon realised I got it wrong because they looked daft.
Anyway, he started on the smallest one. He re-cut it and screwed it back on then got me to OK it. That's when I sacked him!! It was worse than before he tackled it. So I guess the others will stay as they are, but what to do with the big gap now under the wall wine rack is a problem!!
I decided to do a bit more tidying outside whilst 'he who lost his job' tidied the outside cupboards.
The ferns got a makeover and I took the fleece off the 2 tree ferns.
I decided to paint the wooden sleepers round the other side as they were nice and dry.
If the dry weather keeps up for a while, we may get chance to paint the fences and replace the rotten wood on my greenhouse. Only got tomorrow free though as both Thursday and Friday are taken up with other things, then, the weekend sees the start of the 2016 F1 GP season. #4 win for Lewis I hope but also a better year for Jenson and Alonso.

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