Sunday, 25 March 2012


To round off the first week of Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim, I had a wonderful double dose of more Ranger loveliness with Hels Sheridan.

Hels came up north - ok, it was to the west of the Pennines not her native east side - but she enjoyed the visit all the same. The sun shone, crafters came out in their numbers and many travelled miles to experience her magic. 4 workshops over 2 days was so much fun, something I have missed for over a year now so was determined to enjoy every single minute - and I did.
This was the first project, a tag inside a t'pouch. I'm afraid that my big flower was the worse I have ever made but I know what I did differently so know not to do it again.

This little hanging canvas shows different techniques achieved with distress inks, stains etc.
So, that was Saturday.

Here are just a few of the 'thousands' of samples that Hels brought with her. Every one different and absolutely magical.
I had a grin on my face from ear to ear on the drive home and just couldn't wait to repeat the fun today. Oh b****r the clocks go forward so I have to get up earlier. Never mind, I haven't been able to sleep anyway.
I set off in good time for the drive to Dawn's for Hels next 2 worshops, but forgot how quiet it is on the road on a Sunday thereby arriving before anyone else. The gates were locked so I parked on the road and waited for someone to arrive which they did 20 minutes later. Must get this travelling time sorted!!  Never mind, I was happy.
The morning workshop was intense and we made this gorgeous piece of craft.

I now have another idea of how to 'do' steampunk. This is gorgeous and will work well in Xmas mode.
Today saw me getting together with folk I haven't seen in over a year as the workshops we enjoyed finished then. Gez made me a Stampotique ATC -she knows how much I love those images -
Thank you lovely lady for this and the hugs and catch up. Also, Chris gave me a special parcel -

I'm going to keep you guessing on the contents of this save to say, I wore it all afternoon and will wear it to every single workshop I attend in the future too. Thank you Chris. We had a lovely time eh? I promise not to mention 'it wasn't me that broke the blending tool' 'cos we all know differently!!
Can I also say a big thank you to Barbara, Sarah, Joan and Lou who made me laugh so much throughout the weekend. We have all booked for the next workshop weekend at the end of May and know for sure the fun we will have.

RIGHT  down to the horrid bit. I hope that the SCUMBAG(S) that thought it was their right to STEAL around £80s worth of distress ink pads, stains etc from our Hels, trip over and land face down on the ink side thus ending up with a multi coloured face. Because believe me, you will not get away with taking anything else. I hope you realise what you have done and that someone steals from you so you know how it feels. You are thoroughly hated by all the honest crafters in this world.


Artyjen said...

Oh! heavens what is it with people...but so hope is did not totally destroy your lovely weekend.
My Sunday was fabby....sorry you could not be there to share the gorgeous day in Dartmouth!
xoxo Sioux ;)

Kathryn said...

Omg what on earth happened. ? Me and Becki had a fabby morning :) great to meet you all x

Kathryn said...

Omg what on earth happened. ? Me and Becki had a fabby morning :) great to meet you all x

Sue said...

Your tags are fabulous, Joanne!

Karma will come back and bite the thieves in the backside.

Gez said...

Lovely, lovely makes you clever lady :-D I am hoping some of your talent has rubbed off on me!

I'd forgotten all about the blending tool! Good job we sat at the other side of the room!!!! hehe.. only joking Chris.xx

Shame about the discovery at the end of the day.. just awful :-( Lets pray for Karma.

Wonderful to spend some real quality time with you again and 'wot' no mushroom dabbers in sight!!!!!

hugs, Gez xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

What's that about a blending tool?? Had a great time - even though it was only for an afternoon - looking forward to next time! Hugs Chrisxx

Sarah said...

Gorgeous makes Joanne, and good to meet you. We had the best time ever didn't we? Wonderful workshops, delightful tutor and fabulous company - couldn't ask for more. Can't wait until the end of May when Hels is here again and I can get together with you, Gez & Chris; the downside for you is that you'll have to put up with me too! I was sitting next to poor Chris when the blending tool broke; she was mortified (Bless) - it wasn't her fault, honest(ish) ... See you in a couple of months - we'll have a ball (again). God Bless, Sarah x