Thursday, 13 May 2010


No sooner had I mentioned the big black cloud yesterday, it disappeared and the sun came out and we had lovely blue skies again. We therefore decided to go up the coast to Filey and Scarborough.
I've been once before but only remembered once there. The views were fabulous but the towns are run down just like most throughout the country. It's such a shame to see our heritage disappear under neglect and lack of pride. It makes me depressed to think how proud our land used to be. Anyway, not wanting to be a soapbox person, here's the rest of yesterday.
Whilst in Scarborough we had fish and chips!! Did you get that Hels?? The chips were awful and the fish batter was greasy. I managed to keep the seagulls off but really wouldn't have minded if they had pinched it all. On the way back we drove to Thornwick Bay - it's actually where we are staying - to see the puffins on the cliffs. If you look carefully at the cracks you can just see little black dots which are the puffins. It was amazing to watch them flying, just like penguins! well not really but just like I imagine penguins to look like if they could fly.
Had a day in today which I will leave 'til tomorrow because it will now take at least 30mins to load a picture.


Lindsay Mason said...

Know what you mean about the towns AND the rubbish fish n chips! Puffins though...would have enjoyed seeing them. Glad you are having fun and your ear is better and a happy belated birthday to Terry & anniversary to you both. See you soon I hope and enjoy the rest of your hols. Hugs, Lindsay (& David) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne - how strange that you should mention the delapidation of the UK - yesterday whilst sitting on the bus returning from 'Liverpool One' to my home in the suburbs I also thought what a dump Liverpool is - dirty (which something can be done about)old,poor and in desperate need of a revamp (bit like myself actually - not the dirty bit!) I want to live in that white house in your photo - please arrange it for me - thanks sonia xx