Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Oh my! I can't believe that the long wait is just ONE week away. By that I mean, it's one week today that I set off down south for my 'mind blowing' workshop with Artsycrafts and the man himself - Mr TIM HOLTZ .
This will be a crazy week trying to make sure everything is organised. I have birthday cards to make, clothes to sort - including a pair of 'peg leg's' trousers to alter, nails to varnish, housew....., housew...., housew, - sorry I can never get that word out, to do, but the hardest thing of all is, I have a bag to pack. Not sure how to do that because we aren't used to hotels with having the motorhome. I'm scared I'm going to forget something really important like charging my camera battery!!!
My head is spinning because this is when I am REALLY getting excited.
I've started on one of the cards.
I searched high and low for some 8"x8" cards I bought a few weeks ago, but it took 3 days to find them. So much for my clear out and tidy up at the beginning of January!! Anyway, I have them now so I can crack on.
May I just thank everyone for supporting my new blog -  - which started on Monday and will run each week. So far we have gorgeous photos of cats, dogs, pigeons and a hamster. Please take a look and join in if you want.
It is quite possible that I may not make it round to your desk this week. Our lovely Julia will understand I am sure. However, I am also sure you will pop around the world having a peep at the craftdesks out there. I will do my best just the same.
On a note of exasperation, look at what has just turned up in the kitchen.
He's at it again! I am told this one will be red............................


pearshapedcrafting said...

OK Joanne b-r-e-a-t-h-e:) Looks like you're going to be busy this week but what a reward at the end! Take care! Chrisx

Artyjen said...

So much to do! It's exciting times....and it's a date for Thurs p.m.! I must make a start on the bag packing at the weekend...but at least there is no need to wonder what crafting stuff to take seeing as we are only allowed to take the scissors!!!
xoxo Sioux

Scrapcat 1 said...

what on earth is that on the kitchen table?!? have a great time with Sir Tim.

S said...

I hope your week flies by so you can enjoy your visit with King Holtz. S #106

Dee . . . . . said...

Enjoy the TH workshop - sounds amazing!

I love the idea of your other blog too will definitely be following. I am surround by furbabies in my craft room and it will be great to see other peoples crafting buddies.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I'm off to Tim's workshop too. Thursday- 10.30-6.30 class...Very excited!!


SDCrafts said...

Points of note and packing tips:
1 - select main clothes colour and STICK to it - arrange all accessories around this - good tip for shopping but might be a tad late for that!
2 - remember you are a crafter so looking a bit arty will be fine! fling in the odd scarf or two or three
3 - nail varnish? mine are always painted and mostly chipped so don't choose a dark colour
4 - be yourself in all things and you will shine Joanne
5 - enjoy - we are all insanely jealous
6 - can't he make a wooden crafting workshop for poor crafting cousins? if bored enough
...Shirl #122

Heather said...

Have a great time, Joanne - I know you will - and you're bound to come back with all sorts of lovely TH goodies!!! Heather x

PS: Hope to join in with the craftingpets soon!

jude said...

I am sure you will ahjve fantastic time with Sir Tim .You just be yourself and enjoy!!taske piccy of him for me pleaze...?Im so upset i cant make it !have fun hugs judex22

Julia Dunnit said...

Wise words from Sheila - layers and a large apron! I'm excited for you Joanne, and the red guitar - will be so gorgeous!!

Ohhh Snap said...

I'm soooooo happy for you that you get to learn from the Crafty Super Hero himself! I think I'd forget to breathe or something lol. Full report when you return please and don't forget to charge the cammera battery !!

OK what is that last pic? lol Enquiring minds need to know :D. TFS!!

Anonymous said...

You're going to be so excited on the day you'll probably end up with mismatched sox and odd shoes, so don't worry about it!!! Hope you have a brilliant time, leave the housew... for PL, he'll need something to do whilst you're away!

Brenda 100

okienurse said...

OMG! You are so lucky! I wish I could be there too! Need to stop and take a couple deep breaths and remember to breathe. Focus on having fun. Don't worry about the house work cause if it is like here it will still be there when you come home. It will all turn out well!
Vickie #30

Caro said...

I am sooo jealous that I am turning green. Lucky Lucky you. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute of it. Caro #60

Nicky said...

Right stop now - green is not a good colour for me and Im going green with envy lol Have a great time and I am sure you will take everything you need ~ Nicky no.6