Thursday, 26 February 2015


I appear to have been sewing forever and a day just lately. This week saw the turn of the dreaded bench seat pads. 
I couldn't get foam big enough to make one base and one back, but having struggled with making half sized pads, I'm so glad I couldn't. Here are the 2 I've managed to complete this week.
They go well with the cushions. I tried really hard to match as many lines as possible and as each pad has 7 pieces to it, that was some task believe me. Matching the base to the back was another challenge. Why I didn't just buy some plain material I'll never know!!! But that's me all over - in at the deep end. I like to challenge myself and sometimes it works.
Two more to go then. Gosh! We had better get some summer! 


Artyjen said...

Mmmm....matching up that must have been a task! But one done well by the looks of it ;)
xoxo Sioux
p.s. roll on summer ;)

pearshapedcrafting said...

I am so impressed with your sewing Joanne! I remember loving your curtains but these look really hard to make! Roll on Summer! Hugs, Chrisx