Thursday, 23 December 2010


I thought you may just like to see the handmade cards we have received this year. Together with the lovely bought ones, we have a smashing display.
This is my 'handmade' shelf. So, from left to right, here goes,

The amazing pergamano card is a real beauty, made by Sylvia, who is an expert in this field. The Santa card is perfect in every way. So neatly created by Sonia.

The lovely singing choir has been carefully coloured by Sheila and then assembled to form a gate fold card. The blue 'baubles' card, by Barb, has me mesmorised every time I look at it. It really is a perfect creation which glistens in the light.
This beautiful angel - and she really is beautiful, just look closely at her face - has not only been created but also drawn by Lindsay.

I think we have been really lucky to have been sent these cards and they will go in my 'TO KEEP' folder after Christmas. Thank you every one.


jordiegirl said...

They are all lovely but I love the pergamano one especially. Wish I could do pergamano like that.

Paige said...

So pretty! The angel card is my favorite though :)

She said...

Beautiful cards Joanne. Lindsay's is gorgeous isn't it? A definate 'To Keep' for me too. Love S xxx