Monday, 6 July 2009


I was closing the blind in my workroom the night before last, and look what I saw. Look closely now. Can you tell what it is? A toad, not a frog, but our resident toad from the big pond. It was around 10.45pm so he is a bit tricky to see. He's sitting infront of the plant pot at the edge of the pond.

Last night, whilst closing the blinds, I saw a hedgehog running over the road from our garden. Talk about wild life round here. Thought a couple of 'wild' ATCs wouldn't go a miss after that!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I LOVE frogs and toads. Theres something really magical about them I think. And hedgehogs- I just love the way they shuffle along.
Fabulous atc's- these would look great as childrens cards too. Lots of fun.
( made me smile this am with your comment lol ;0) ...sorry no holiday planned lol)

Joanne said...

I made these ATCs in the hopes that there might be some kiddies at Dawn Bibby's on Saturday who would swap with me, but the Lindsay Mason workshops have been cancelled. BooHoo.