Thursday, 20 February 2014


Considering I usually feel really depressed in the winter, you know, dark days, cold, wind, rain, all if which coupled with S.A.D. makes me irritable and down. My hubby has a breathing problem - a lot better now than it has been - but he struggles at night and therefore either wakes me or keeps me awake. We hope the specialist will sort him next month then we can both get back to a normal sleep pattern.
So, how do you send the winter blues on their way ??? You take a trip to Poole, Dorset to see your boat and oodle at its glory. 
We are off in a couple of weeks for just a couple of days - I know it's a VERY long way - but I've been waiting to see this Sunseeker 155 for so long I just can't let the chance go by.

To be revealed.

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Artyjen said...

Have fun ;)
xoxo Sioux