Monday, 12 December 2011


Well, all good things generally come to an end, and the 12 tags are no exception. Tim certainly deserves a rest now, more especially after today's marathon which has taken me over 3 hours to make - and I didn't have to think about it!!
Ok, a fractured doll eh? Well, I just happened to have one. Unfortunately though, it was part of the configuration box I made at Tim's workshop back in February, gosh that seems years ago now. Should I take it out of the box?????? Seeing as removing it didn't distract from where it was, plus the fact that I keep all my tags, I decided to go ahead.
There is a lot of drying time to this tag but also, there is plenty to do whilst one bit is drying. I just kept going and came up with this:

The finished tag is quite heavy too. I didn't have the new tissue roll but did have some plain tissue paper, so all I did was stamp it with a music stamp. I didn't have the 'house' die, so guessed at it's size and cut one from grungepaper. The flower is made from some Liz Earle packing tissue. No metal foil or those gorgeous border dies (I hope Santa is listening 'cos I really like those) so I found a peel off border, stuck it to some card and painstakingly cut round it. It worked. Obviously made my own baubles again as I still don't have any of those either.
It just goes to show that you can compromise quite easily and still come up with something quite good. The tips have been endless from Tim and I hope to go through his blog posts from each tag and make notes of them so I don't forget.
What an amazing few days. Only another 354 'til next year - that's if Tim agrees to do it all over again.......


Helen said...

Gorgeous!! I was planning on stamping some plain tissue paper for the same reason! I don't have a doll so don't know yet what I will do.... 3 hours - that means another late night for me then as I won't get started till 7pm... LOVE your tag - in fact I have loved ALL your tags. Well done - I think we all deserve a rest now... lol.

Artyjen said...

You have made another gorgeous is fun learning with T!m :)
I will not be attempting any till I break for must be pooped I know I was the year I managed all 12 in a row!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

johnik1222 said...

I absolutely love your tag!