Saturday, 21 May 2016

1930s BLOCKS

I have a quilt book which shows how to make sampler blocks created in the 1930s by farmers wives in the USA after the Great Depression. They are utterly amazing. I have also been fortunate to join a Facebook group made up of enthusiasts from all over the world which fortunately, like me, some are not expert quilters. This means lots of samples to see and lots of advice.
So far I have made 2 blocks - I only started a few days ago - and am having fun.
#1 is called Addie, this is my version

 The blocks are numbered in the book and this is #5 - Anne

They need squaring and will need pressing more, but so far so good.
Dare I say, there are 99 in total, I may be some time!!!!

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Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW Im loving the top one. My Granny used to do patchwork and had a huge patchwork quilt, wonder what became of it?? I will need to ask her next time I visit. Sending Hugs and licks from Belle, H xx