Sunday, 8 May 2016


Today we had quite an adventure.
The Preston Posse Bike Club did a run to Tarleton with cat food and litter. Due to illness, one member, who has a car, could not make it, so hubby and I stepped in.
My step son Tony is on the committee and he arranged this food run to Noah's Ark Rescue and Rehab Centre.
Our boot was chocker full.
So full, the food overflowed to the back seat.
We were given the honour of displaying a flashing light as we were bringing up the rear of the convoy.
The lads and lasses, plus a gorgeous black Labrador called Barbara, set off for the few miles run from Preston to Tarleton.
We all drove 'nicely' past the Lancashire Constabulary HQ at Hutton.
Before reaching our destination.
This centre is run on a personal status by the manager of the RSPCA Preston and his wife. Not only do they both have full time jobs but they run the rescue from their own home. At present there are 60 cats and kittens there along with this little group.
These were rescued battery hens and believe it or not but they had no feathers whilst they were kep in cages. Just look at them now.
As for the food. Well I reckon there will be lots of full tummies for a while.
Well done all round me thinks, especially us for not being tempted to go see Big Al, a Burmese furball. Wonder if we can find our way back again!!!!!

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Looks like a fun and useful outing! Love how your garden is look btw!! Hugs, Chrisx