Sunday, 6 June 2010


The monster has gone home. Peace at last.
My ears are burning from the constant nattering and questions.
I just want to sleep for 3 days now.
This was me last Sunday.

and this is me today.

See what I mean?


SDCrafts said...

Oh Joanne, I can understand entirely! Part of me longs to be granted the joy of a grandchild (I have 2 adult sons, both still unattached though not for want of trying to secure longlasting love) and another part of me warns: careful, you have MS, consider the responsibilities, the frustrations, the let-down for all concerned when you 'fail' to cope with being a Gran!

It is an exhausting business and, only now, do I understand why my own parents did not always express sheer bliss when asked to 'have the children' for a while! I learned not to ask.

Just REST please - allow your ears to heal and take regular restorative forays into the craft room.

Gez said...

ROFL! Oh! Joanne... BIG.. BIG ((hugs))
I've nearly laughed till I cried when I read your post! I know I shouldn't.
Guess you know why I can't make it to Lindsay's classes each month!!! DH needs lots & lots of notice before I can go awol!hehe..
Wishing you both a nice quiet, peaceful week. Gez.xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

LOL oh you made a very stressed Mum laugh so much, Thanks. Sorry to hear you are looking a bit frazzled bit I'm sure you had a grerat time really!!! LOL Hope Pot Arm is doing ok. Thanks again for the birthday card. Love Hazelxox

Jo Capper-Sandon said...'ll soon be mended after a bit of sanity crafting Joanne lol

Jo x