Monday, 24 November 2008


Well! who would have believed it, tagged by the lovely Leonie Pujol -

I'm up for the tag so in response I have to list 7 random facts about myself and then tag a further 7 unsuspecting folk. Here goes.

1. When I was about 7yrs old, I went to see Sooty and Sweep in Blackpool. Harry Corbett asked for children to go on stage and we had to skip, with a rope, for as long as we could. I won, infact he had to stop me because I could skip for England back then.

2. I was a bit of an athlete in my younger days and was the fastest runner in both the infant and junior schools beating even the fastest boy! In my teens I joined the Blackpool and Fylde Athletic club and have run for Lancashire. I can't even run for a bus today!!

3. My dad was nearly the first Tarzan. Most people think that Johnny Wisemuller was the first Tarzon, but infact it was Buster Crab who went on to become another famous actor. My dad auditioned for the part, being a body builder, but was beaten by Buster because he was a better swimmer.

4. I had the Beatles autograph. Wish I had it now, but it was stolen.

5. I have been a pillion on a Honda CBR motorbike whilst doing 130mph. It was FANTASTIC. I used to go to sleep on the bike on the way to GP races at Donnington Park. And - I can still get into my leathers although that was 19yrs ago!

6. I can apply for my bus pass in 3 weeks. Oh dear!

7. I've just bought some lion 'poo'.

Here are my 7 nominations:

Chriss, Chrissy & Denise

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Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Well Joanne, I have to say these 7 things are the 7 most wildest I've ever read on a tag list!!!!! And there I was thinking you were prim and propper but nooooo, a lion poo buying, hells angel, daughter of Tarzan (almost), Beatles listening woman, who, if she manages to catch the bus without passing out can travel free...soon...after 9am lol

fantastic....what a read....I wont forget this in a hurry lol

Thankyou so much for tagging me.

ps...I just have to know...why Lion Poo?