Monday, 6 October 2014


It certainly blew a gale here over night and the rain lashed down. I can hear torrential rain gurgling down the drain pipes into the rain barrels which no doubt will be overflowing again. It always wakes me but it was a loud crash that woke me this morning so I guess one of my whirly gigs or parasols has blown over from it's storage space. When I go out to tie back my Verbena I'll investigate.
As you can see the Vebena are so big they get top heavy with the rain and lean over. As the flowers are still attracting bees and butterflies I really want to preserve them as long as possible.
Following on from the workshop with Hels last week, I made a couple of Christmas cards based on the gorgeous shadow box we made. Here is one I made yesterday. 
It's 8"x8" which is perfect for the die cuts I used.
For the girls travelling home from Finns classes today, have a safe journey especially over the tops and let's see some photos when you all get the chance.

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