Monday, 10 November 2014



Having returned home after a lovely 'crash out' 2.5 weeks, I may just have to make a couple more sketch book covers for Xmas. Hehe! Due to having managed  to buy a few more blanks. 
However, I did manage to make 30 Xmas cards whilst away. It was good fun.
I'd prepped before leaving but used some of the die cuts to excess and had to improvise towards the end. 
Hubby even got into the spirit of things and made 2 Santas and sleighs together with a couple of reindeers each all out of wood. 
altogether, we had a good rest which was lovely indeed.
Unfortunately I came home with a bad back - touch of rheumatism again! But! My perennial border needed a bit of attention and today - being dry - gave me the opportunity to turn this
Into a little bit tidier, this
I cut all the 'triffid' verbena down and filled 5 rubble sacks!!!! Which I then took to the tip. My back then gave up again so that was it for today. 
Tomorrow promises rain so I can plan an 'office paperwork' catch up and perhaps start those extra sketch books......

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Welcome home! It's surprising what 2.5 weeks can make to a garden, even at this time of year! Hope you get some crafty time! Chrisx