Thursday, 26 March 2015


Just had a look when I last posted and it's about 10 days ago!! Where did they go??
I've struggled for a few of those days with this darn muscle I keep pulling in my lower back, or is it rheumatism, or just a big ache when I actually do more than just sit sewing or crafting or watching the 'box'??? Whichever, it pulls me down and stops me sleeping at night. Away with you, nasty pain!
So, what have I actually managed to do. Well there was this
My latest door wreath. So far it's coping with the rain and gales and looks bright and cheerful. Then I did this
A little house leek bowl that I'm hoping will grow into a swirl throughout this summer. Along with this bit of horticulture
Sweet peas in a trough ready to go out on the decking so they can climb the wooden frames - hopefully. Then I put my delphinnians and penstemon cuttings out under fleece, to harden  off when the weather allows.
Last week we did a bit of fence painting and I put some soil conditioner on the perennial border plus tidied it.
When the weather gets better the paths will be power washed and then I can concentrate on creating my baskets with annuals for this summer.
Crafting?? Not done much. I did manage to change the colour of one of my toes however!!!
It really hurt but I have no idea how it happened! 
I finished my bench seat pads by the skin of my teeth - deadline was 21 March, I finished the last one on the 20th after getting my machine back from the machine doctors following its minor breakdown the Monday before.
These are 2 of the 4 pads and 2 cushions.
My friend was still in hospital up to Monday this week. I haven't heard any more so just hope she can go home again soon. Thank you for the good wishes for her. They will mean a lot to her.


Alter This said...

wow you have been busy, your finger looks so sore. Love the plants growing shows that spring is coming

Hugs from your newest follower
Jac x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ouch! Hope you are feeling better now! Your garden will look fantastic again this year Joanne! Those cushions do look gorgeous-now for some Sun!!!! As you can see I am on a massive catch up! Chrisx