Sunday, 10 July 2016


Yay! Our very first crafty gathering.
My two lovely step daughters who are also my very bestest pals plus me. We have finally started our crafty gatherings after many years of thinking about it. All of us are in to sewing at the moment but that won't necessarily stay the norm, after all, there are birthday and Christmas cards etc to think about. 
Today, our Paula helped me cut a strip out of my jelly roll throw topper. That is now ready for me to take forward, no rush. I tried to rough cut more templates for the 1930s blocks I'm making, but some of the pieces are so small I gave up and started to sew a few of the Kaffe Facette hexies I did whilst on holiday.

Our little hive of activity today was in Paula's conservatory. 
We all, Paula, Susi and I, sewed, croched, cut out, watched a squirrel and lots of birds plus cuddled and stroked Huxley and Tilly, Paula's Tibetan Terriers.
All in all, a fabulous get together which will be repeated on 7 August.

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