Sunday, 14 August 2016


I'm having a ball. 
3 days crafting to my heart's delight, what could be better.
Friday I prepped a Xmas present, yesterday I did a bit of hexie sewing and today I've been prepping in order to take part in making 100 blocks in 100 days.
I need to get ahead because I'm away again in both September and October and the 100 block challenge starts this Wednesday. Besides that, I'm also trying to complete the 1930's block challenge. So much to do in such a little time!!
It's good for the mind and soul to set yourself some challenges especially when the years seem to disappear in a matter of hours these days. 
My little crafty den looks like this today.

I'm trying to be quiet, despite all the noise outside with planes flying and folk packing to leave, because hubby is enjoying his usual holiday afternoon nap, so sshhh! 

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