Friday, 20 June 2008


Well, I thought I might have trouble and I did. My picture just would not upload. If it was a really good ATC I would be most disappointed, but it's really not brilliant. However, I keep saying that I have fun making these cards for the challenges and I did so again. My lovely computer friend, Dave, is going to have a go at putting the picture on for me from a photo sent from a mobile. Just as we arranged that, I managed to email him a copy at long last. Should I tell him that I am away for another 5 or 6 challenges??!! oops!

I really wanted to blog about Toby's holiday and share a few pictures of him, but this problem won't allow that. However, I may be able to put a few words on and upload the pictures when we get home. Last week was a bit traumatic as Toby was really poorly for a few minutes on Thursday. He quickly picked up and has been fine ever since. We got a real shock though. Poor little lad.

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