Sunday, 20 July 2008


With help from my mum I decided to sum up the last 6 weeks holiday.

We both agreed that the first 6 days were not for us. Remote control aircraft flying is definately not up our street and we both did our own thing during that time, Mum crafted and I slept and ate, slept and ate!

Once we arrived at Poole this camping thing improved. Sleeping, eating, drinking became a mutual enjoyment - obviously we had our own food etc! Mum and I enjoyed watching the day to day routine of the local rabbits, squirrels, magpies and a woodpecker. Both of us 'chilled out' but I managed the odd walk about despite a poorly leg.

We left there to spend one night at Musbury, Devon. Nice little site with a big pond and resident heron. Mum was excited because she had planned this stop so she could meet her Leonie Club ATC friend. I was only told about Asa and Kobe the Japanese Spits, 2 gorgeous extended friends. Well, never mind, they may not have liked me nor me them, so off to another bit of Devon.

Goodness, another canine, this time a Westie called Nicky. Not only a dog to meet here but a number of rabbits, crows and this time a fox. My mum just loves foxes. I just spent my time sleeping, eating and .....

I've had some good wishes whilst on holiday from some pals back home, Joey and Jasmine. I plan to meet their mum at Topaz on 3 August when my mum goes to the demo day.

Well all good things come to an end and we head off home tomorrow. Mum will have to do some shopping for me because I've eaten more than 162 tins of food and gone through 9 big bags of litter in the last 6 weeks. Hey ho!! I bet I break the scales at the vets now.

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