Saturday, 12 July 2008


It seems to have stopped raining today. Oh! I really should'nt have said that seeing as I have done some washing. Oh well! my fault if it starts yet again. Those of you who know Devon, especially the South Hams, will know how red the soil is. Well just now, it's red mud! Our awning ground sheet is one of those breathable ones and was grey 2 weeks ago. Now its red and green, the green being the grass which has grown through it and could really do with mowing!

I did manage a couple of hours out a week ago yesterday. I went to Finishing Touches in Totnes. Its a lovely craft store run by David Dommett, whom I have known for about 15yrs. The store has grown and grown and David has finally got his web site up and running:

it contains some of his stock, which I am sure will increase given time, but is worth a visit.

One more week to go before heading home. Toby has been very well and eating for England. He weighed 5kg last week but I think he must be 5.5kg by now! Greedy monkey.

No Fab Friday challenge this week as Leonie is busy with her and Nickys house move. I wish them all the best with that.

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