Saturday, 14 February 2009


Just a bit of fun on this page.

I was really pressed for time Xmas 1996 and was frantically making mince pies one evening. I turned my back for just a moment and look what happened. Toby had been on the worktop and left a paw print in the pastry. Needless to say I had to start all over again.

We also had this little toilet which had a ball catch on the door meaning it could be pushed open. We would come home from work and find that the little treasure had been in and had a fabulous time chewing the toilet rolls to pieces!!. We had to buy a plastic container for them after that. What a darling - not!!!


sharon said...

They are so cheeky our feline friends! My cat is in the dog house (!) tonight for using a basket upstairs as a litter tray! Love all the embellishments you've used on this page.

Joanne said...

Thanks Sharon,
Toby was usually very good but when we had this little toilet he excelled at being bad!!

Joanne said...
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