Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Whilst watching Dawn on QVC this afternoon, I managed to make another Toby scrapbook page.

These photos were taken in our first motorhome, a Compass Drifter, which we had purchased following a drive out one weekend!!

A nice van but boy! did we have trouble with it. Having said that, we kept it over 4 years before buying our first 6-wheeler, an Autotrail Arapaho. I loved that one and only let it go for some lovely gizmos we saw in the first Kontiki Z. That one was awful and we only kept it 10 months before trading it in - at a massive loss - for our current van, a Hymer 694, another 6-wheeler. All have been bought from new but I would never buy new again. The VAT man has had quite enough from us over the years.

Anyway, whichever motorhome we have had, Toby always found the most comfortable place he could, which was usually either over the cab in the first 3 vans, or in the pull-down bed in the current one. Infact, the Arapaho and Kontiki had cupboards over the cab and we had to leave the doors open so he could cuddle up in the bedding, which we stored there. Only when he couldn't jump up did we have to make a bed up for him elsewhere. He was always comfy and loved every minute of camping.

We went away with friends for the weekend last January and as we have Toby back home with us, he came with us again. We will always take him as long as we still have a van..........


Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Joanne, lovely memories of Toby and he will always be with you wherever you go. I don't think some people realise just what deep footprints our little furry copanions leave in our hearts. Four and half years since we lost Cherry and we can still get tearful when a memory is triggered or if we see a white cat on the tv. Lindsay x

Joanne said...

Losing Toby is the worse thing ever to happen to me Lyndsay. He was almost human. Infact, one of my neighbours never knew if it was him or me talking because I could mimick his voice and we conversed together. I miss holding his foot and rubbing his ears the most. My little treasure.