Thursday, 21 May 2009


I don't think I am a jealous or envious person despite wishing for certain things occasionally, but today I am very jealous.

Our lovely friends have gone on holiday in their caravan for the next 10 days. They had booked into a site somewhere in Scotland, but having seen the weather forecast for that region over the coming week, decided that a wet holiday was just too much to bear after the awful spring in these parts.

They rang us on Tuesday to enquire about a gorgeous little Caravan Club CL that we have been to over the last 3 years in the hopes that, despite the Bank Holiday, they could still book on to. They were going to make a decision yesterday as to which area to visit.

We rang them at lunch time and they had just set off - to POOLE, DORSET!!! - my very favourite place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have spent all afternoon in a deep depression because, I WANT TO GO TOO!!


DI HERBERT said...

It's a lovely place when the sun is shining. When it rains it's pants. Di from Poole

Joanne said...

Oh! I know. Out of the times we have been it's probably rained for half. But it's still better than the Fylde coast. x