Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Could someone tell the sunshine that it's time to appear. It threw it down most of the night and this morning sees a dark, grey, blustery day - again. It's the 21st June for goodness sake. Tomorrow will start the shorter days back to winter. Come on sun, let's see you.
After a half dozen days away we finally got home yesterday ready to start a few more jobs at home. I did all I could to the pictures I took with me and they just need the borders and frames altering now.
This one now looks like this

Quite a transformation and all for a bit of paint.

I really enjoyed myself for the first couple of days, as you can see, and managed to complete all 4 pictures in that time.

This is the other big picture and below are the 2 small ones.

I'm going to make a start on the front room now but have a little craft project on the go in my craft room for the times in between painting walls and ceilings when I get fed up!!!


Artyjen said...

Lurve the pictures ;) Very stylish
xoxo Sioux

soniajones said...

Joanne they're fabulous! Pay a furtune for those in Habitat (now there's a thought!!)xx

SmithSusan said...

Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing.

Hope you grag these summer sales from Shoocare.co.uk before they end,