Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Whilst the south of England has been sweltering in above average temperatures, here in the north west it's been somewhat cooler and as I type, it's raining - again!!
However, I must admit to being able to craft outside for the last 2 days.
That was lovely especially as the breeze was light too so nothing blew away. But, that is now a memory and it's back to having the doors closed and the windows open just enough so that the rain doesn't come in. Hey Ho!
'T' and I decorated the living room over only 2 days last week. My pictures look fine. I've put them on the wall but I still need to work on the borders as some of the paint got under my improvised masking. A job for another day though.
So, I've waffled a bit there and not shown my desk today. Our leader Julia would not be impressed if I don't, so here it is.
Hey hey, bet you didn't expect that. Actually, that's the low bit where the light is bad and where I use my computer. When I'm in the middle of making a project, it's the 'dumping' ground. I always have to keep putting things away so I can search through the next lot. Must have been one of those moments 'cos here is the action.

Under the gorgeous orange velum is a birthday card. Can't show that yet though. The dark craft sheet shows signs of some flowers that I was colouring with paint dabbers outside the other day. Should have cleaned that at once - bad girl. You can also see my latest buy, a set of Lindsay Mason's 'I Dreamed of Castles' stamps. I have plans for these beauties after Lindsay's fabulous samples last Sunday.
I've got to share this with you - news as it happens here folk.
Hubby just had a phone call from the hospital. They have booked his operation for  - da da
He's only been waiting since last October!! Ooh! Lindsay, you won't forget your birthday this year eh?
We are jumping for joy now because at last he can get his full health back and our lives back on track.
Yippeeee! What a wonderful WOYWW today is.


Airing cupboard stamping said...

How lucky to be able to craft outside what a wonderful way to enjoy the sun. I hope hunnys op goes well.

The living room looks lovely.

Laura #61

JoZart said...

Weather has been good this week in Liverpool...poor you getting so much rain. Glad to hear DH will be having his op soon and hope he's back to normal quickly.
Love JoZarty x

Artyjen said...

Hope you mean 19th July 'cos 19th June has been and gone sweetheart!!! ;)
xoxo Sioux
It has only just decided to be sunny here late last night and is cloudy again now!!! :(

Joanne said...

Thanks Sioux. Yes it should have read July as my Susi just pointed out, so I've amended it. xx

Wipso said...

Love the pictures. Glad you've got a date for hubby's op. Really hope all goes well.
A x

Lindsay Mason said...

Thats all very well about Terry,but now what are we going to call him?
Ah! I know,Mr. 100% !!!! David. xxxx

Sue said...

Hi ya
been nice on n of here, nice to sit out n craft,your lounge looks fab,hope all goes well with hubbies op, happy WOYWW, sue,x (16)

Helen said...

Lucky you being able to craft outside - sometimes! Hope the op goes well and your hubby recovers quickly.

sasa said...

Great post and lots going on...either melt or get blown away in my garden. Lounge looks just fab - do it enjoy and I hope all goes well with Hubby.
Hope you will call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
Sarah at 6.

Tertia said...

So glad to hear the op is finally happening. Hope all goes well.
Looks like you have been crafting up a storm.

Penni said...

Ooooh how nice to be crafting outside.


okienurse said...

Glad to hear you had some time outside crafting before the rains came. Wish you could send some here we are so dry. Glad to hear your husband is scheduled for surgery! Vickie #39

voodoo vixen said...

Crafting outside has never really appealed to me, I think its because I am lazy and can't be bothered to lug it all out there to find stuff blows away and then lug it all in again!! LOL Love the look of your lounge, the pictures look fabulous with your drapes! Good news on the hospital appointment... not long now, hope it all goes well for your hubby!