Tuesday, 9 August 2011


At the Woodvale show is a car boot sale. This year it was 2 aisles long. I'm not actually a fan of them, I find that most try to sell junk and charge shop prices. However, I now have a bit of fun searching out stash for my crafting. This is what I found on Saturday -

I've already broken down the beads. The 'Goth' necklace has flat-backed crowns and crosses, super for sticking to projects, plus the chain is 'Tim - like'. A really good find. those little pink beads are just like fresh water pearls and have holes too. The bracelet is made up of all sorts of goodies.
A good bit of 'booting' there me thinks.

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soniajones said...

Hi Joanne - I'm not keen on car booties neither - too much mooching through other peoples jumble - haha we used to call them jumble sales and nothing cost more than 20p (or 20d) but seeing your stash well...... dying to see what you'll do with it!! xxooxx