Thursday, 11 July 2013


Our youngest, my step daughter, has a birthday today. It's nearly a big one and boy am I counting the next 12 months down to it. So watch out little 'witch' - that's a pet name by the way.
I made her a canvas instead of a card so I hope she likes it.
She loves the Wizard of Oz so I decided to make her something on those lines too and came up with this:
I hung it on my wall just to take the photo. The large MDF heart and clock parts were from the MDF man at the Craft show I went to with the girls in Manchester. I cut the smaller ones from mount board using Alterations dies. Obviously it needed something to put it in so I bought a large heart papier mache box and decorated it.

Just some of the projects I have been unable to show in the past.

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