Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I had a lovely surprise in the post the other day, it came out of the blue and gave me a lump in my throat. This is what arrived:
Isn't it great. Jilly, who made it, has been a good friend to me for a few years now despite the fact that we have only met a couple of times. She is practising with distress inks but I think she has no need to practise because she is truly talented already. Massive thanks once again.
Then last Saturday I was given this:
I admired this tag when I went to see the ever lovely Gez demo at the Craft Range in Burnley so she gave it to me. That mask is so lovely. Thank you Gez.
I've just noticed that this post is #1111. Wow but that's a lot of nattering!!

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Gez Butterworth said...

Beautiful card Joanne. Enjoy. So happy you liked the tag so sorry it was a bit rushed xx