Saturday, 23 August 2014


After watching Gardeners World last night I decided to do a bit of trimming and tidying in the perennial border today. The rain these past few nights has been torrential but the sun came out in a it's glory along with my secateurs and I chopped and tidied away.
Before I started it looked like this 
That's to the left
This is the middle
and this is the right
I made some more notes of plants which need moving next spring and also which need supports and how big. 
A good  bit of time spent me thinks. 


Elizabeth said...

A good job done, when can you come over and do mine? :) Elizabeth xx

PS: it's really breezy here today

Nan G said...

Such a lovely garden. I would love to come sit and enjoy and cuppa in your garden on a nice sunny day. Hugs