Friday, 15 August 2014


My perennial side of the garden that is. Unbelievable plants and growth this year obviously because of the wonderful weather we have had and also because the growing medium was new and chocker full of goodness. Next spring will see me putting goodness back in and hoping for a show of plants and flowers to equal 2014. 
I was given a couple of pea plants and they look like this today
All of 2 pods! May need rather a lot of imagination to make a meal from those!
I may have mentioned that I love Verbena but that mine grew way above the 36" stated on the plant label. They are magnificent 
They have flowered and flowered and flowered and kept both bees and butterflies occupied in their search for food.
Osprey Penstemon, Belles of Ireland and Scabious together.
This Penstemon is Amelia Jane.
My biggest surprise was this - my tiny Jasmine 'Inverleigth' had flowered and I missed it because it was hidden by other plants. They will be moved next Spring.
Cyclamen are flowering again under the big trees.
I'll update again before our holiday next month.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Lots of gorgeous colour still I see! Chrisx