Thursday, 2 April 2015


I have the most lovely friends most of whom I've met through craft. The years have flown since we all first met so we have shared many ups and sadly, downs too.
I am thrilled to say, my lovely friend Sylvia, you know her from the awesome patchwork quilts she has made, is now home from hospital and on the road to getting strong again. I miss her terribly as we haven't been able to have the usual banter over these past 5 weeks. I have a card she made me ages ago which I framed and now sits proudly on my bedside drawers.
It's so beautiful.
I also have another very special friend, Barb, who I've known probably as long as Sylvia but we have yet to meet in person. Barb is also super talented but more than that, she is a super lady.
She also sent me an incredible card some years ago which again received the frame treatment. This one  hangs on the wall above my bed.
Now you can see how special just sending a card can be. 
Thank you lovely ladies. Xx

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Not surprised you kept these - they are gorgeous! I still remember the day we first met at Inspirations at Leonie's demo then in Tesco cafe!! Happy Days! Have a great Easter weekend, hugs, Chrisx ps think I may have caught up!!