Sunday, 12 April 2015


Friday and yesterday's happenings were both something I have dreaded coming for a few years. I sold my trusty old car on Friday and yesterday we traded my hubby's car, our towed car, for a newer one.
I have always dreaded losing my independence but I'm assured nothing will change except of course if one of us goes out it means the other can't. That doesn't happen very often.
Anyway, it's done. The sales lady was very very pleasant, quite unusual these days, so I've decided to make her a Finn - style note book as a thank you for such a smooth transaction.
Just about to glue the elements on so I will be back with a photo of the finished book.

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Barb said...

What a lovely idea. She has got a great surprise coming her way.
I think it's good to show appreciation when someone does a particularly good job.