Wednesday, 14 September 2016


I don't know what day it is any more. Hubby has been caring for our Tony every day together with his sisters when they can, they both both work full time and one has been on a well deserved holiday this week. 
Another hospital trip today brought better news. It's possible that the full leg caste may come off in 2 weeks to be replaced by a lower leg one. This means he will at least be able to bend. Fingers crossed.
As for me, I've been sewing like mad. 
The 100 blocks in 100 days challenge has taken over my life. I'm having such a blast with them.

 Just a couple to show you. The challenge is on Instagram so pop over to #joanneckp and have a peep.
I'm going away on Sunday and will be taking that Singer machine with me that I bought when I thought my Husquvarna had broken. Xmas present needs sewing!!!!

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Barb said...

Well that sounds like good news. It must be awful for him not being able to bend it for so long.

Glad that you're keeping yourself busy. The blocks are looking great. I sometimes wonder if we're losing it. I got my machine out today to do some stitching on cards. Haven't used it for months. Anyway I couldn't find the power pack then suddenly remembered giving one to hubby two months ago when I sorted out my cabin and telling him I didn't know what it was for. He didn't know and put it away "somewhere" carefully and we couldn't find it. Now we're waiting for a new one to come from Amazon! Barbxx