Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Just heard from my hubby, currently in Beverley, who is, with our Mick, trying to assemble kitchen cupboards. So far he has cut his head and got a hole in his foot!!!! This is only day 1!

Me, on the other hand, have spent today trying to vac, done 2 loads of washing, which included curtains, shopped, cooked, gardened, read 2 Craft Stamper mags. done loads of 'officey' stuff, conversed with neighbours, researched info on the web and am now blogging before washing the pots.

I'm not boasting 'cos I know what he is going through. We have re-done our kitchen 4 times and installed 2 others. None were easy. Still, it will be splendid once finished.

I have 2 big trees at the front which, being conifer/sprucey things provide all year round green cover for our local birds, mainly blackbirds. This year we have been visited by 3 breeding pairs, all nicknamed Blackie and Mrs Blackie. The only way we can distinguish between them is where they fly in from and out again. So far, at least 2 lots of young have also claimed our garden and currently 2 gorgeous birds think its theirs. I have just managed to take a photo of one of them sat in the tree. As I couldn't get any closer without actually going outside, I took the photo through the window, hence the glare, but it's ok. I wonder whether they will stay or be moved on by their parents?

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