Saturday, 27 June 2009


I've made it - famous at last!!

Did you see the 4pm QVC show today - We are Memory Keepers? and did you listen to the caller who was praising the Big Bite and Crop-A-Dile?


Where the courage to ring in came from I don't know because I was shaking like a leaf afterwards. We really did use the Big Bite to punch holes through the wooden backing, felt and wadding in order to fasten our son in law's medals and badges to the display case my hubby made for him. It worked a treat and the finished article is gorgeous and has been well received.

Julien was his usual lovely self and Andrew was most generous in saying that Mick should be thanked for the service he has given to his country. I was very emotional at that lovely gesture and have passed those words on.


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Jo Capper-Sandon said...

go yoooooooooou, go yooooooou!!!

Heehee faaaaaaame!!