Sunday, 16 August 2009


There may be some competition in the making.

My 2 step grandchildren appear to have gotten the bug. Some time ago, my eldest, Natasha, took one of my ATCs but never sent one back in return. Having reminded her by sending more, I received 3 in return but her little sister, Jenna, promptly claimed one of them - are you following this?

To cut a long story short, Nat has now sent me 6 and Jen Jen has sent 2.

I've photographed some of them and you can see that competition is on the horizon, particularly as Jen is only 6yrs old and would not let her mum help her, I think her star and flower cards are gorgeous. Nat is 12 soon and has been crafting for a while now. She even joined in the effort last year to make Xmas cards for the troops abroad. Both her dad and step dad have only recently left the army after nearly 25 years service each. Truly a heart-felt effort on her part.

So folks, watch this space. I had better get more practice in myself!!

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