Tuesday, 11 August 2009


That's just what I have when there's craft on the tele - precious moments.

However, that is the title of this gorgeous Sarah Kay stamp. I am in love with her stamps and now have 5 of them. Each is a detailed image which has been so cleverly drawn. They are easy to colour using allsorts of different pens, pencils or inks and look amazing once done.

I cannot take full credit for the design of this card as the original is on a blog I found a few weeks ago, but I have adapted it to both papers and flowers in my stash and I also had to use alcohol ink to colour the corner peel offs. The final card is really quite lovely, though I say it myself.


Lindsay Mason said...

Lovely card Joanne and a very subtle colour palette too. Yes, moody sky cards are on the agenda for this saturday's workshop! Sorry you had a dull weekend!!! Lindsay x x

Leonie said...

Hi Joanne,

It would be great to see you in my neck of the woods! There are loads of camp sites round here, it's a lovely place to spend lots of time. The workshops arn't completely booked up yet either! Excellent!

Think the coffee evening will be near Carley, who is in Harlow, but we can sort something out if you are camping nearer to Canterbury.

Let me know what you decide to do

ps love your Precious Moments card, the Sarah Kay designs are beautiful, remind me of being a kid again, ahhhh