Friday, 21 August 2009


I am hooked on Phalaenopsis.

'What?' I can hear some say and just for you - orchids.

It all started with a mothers day present of one from my son and has steadily grown to a collection of 7!!

Lovely Bill, a neighbour, is a gardener by trade and although retired now and in his 80s, still keeps his hand in. He is no orchid expert but gathers his information from the professionals when he visits the shows. I am lucky to have been taught by him and now know how to repot them, when to cut the flower stem, how and when to feed and water them and how to keep them happy. So far so good - but - I am going away for 3 weeks next week so will have to accommodate them in the van because they will die if left - home alone! Trouble is, they don't really like too much change either, so a trip down south might not be for them. Oh! what a problem.

Anyway, have a look at them and see if you like them too.

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