Sunday, 6 September 2009


I wrote a piece last week and before it could be saved and published, my web connection failed! I don't think this area of Dorset has very good reception.
Anyway, we have had a lovely day today. Gorgeous sunshine and a nice ride out around the Purbecks to Swanage, where we had a Sunday roast (well I did anyway, my hubby doesn't like meat), then over on the ferry from Studland to Sandbanks (the most desirable place in the land to live) before the few miles back to Lychett Mattravers.
I've been doing a bit of carding and even managed about 4 Xmas cards for the troops again. Another 30 or so to go. Pictures will have to wait 'til I get home because it will take an age to upload them with this mobile link.
Sorry to Lindsay Mason and Sharon Ward because although I have written post cards to you, I've left your addresses at home! Der!!!!

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sharon said...

Aah thanks Joanne. Postcards always arrive after you have come back from a hol anyway! xx