Friday, 18 September 2009


We arrived home on Wednesday night after a lovely 3 weeks in Dorset.

The first week was spoilt by the weather but the remaining 2 were gorgeous. We managed to go to some of the places we have missed in the past because we didn't want to or couldn't leave Toby. Our trip this year was to put this part of the country to bed, so to speak.

I think both my hubby and I have walked round half the county and I for one have worn out a pair of sandals! It was such a shame we had to leave early as we are off again next Wednesday to Tewksbury to the 3D model helicopter show - men and their toys! which means another trip down the M6, which I hate.

I did manage a little bit of crafting but not much so I have a lot of catching up to do, especially ATC wise. My swapping buddies will be getting back into the throes of it soon so I had better get cracking too.

I'll put a couple of photos on here and some on my flickr.

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sharon said...

Thank you for my crafty postcard. It remined me of a gingerbread cottage! Glad you had a fab time.