Thursday, 28 October 2010


I actually made a Christmas card yesterday!!! I just started it and before I knew it was done. Hope all the others appear as quickly.
I finished another page for the chunky book swap being run by She. Here is a little sneak.
No more on that though.
I've spent a little while going through my new Magnolia magazine and can  say the cards in this issue are unbelievable. I'm going to try and make another Christmas card based on one on page 19. I don't have any of the products used so spent a while last night going through my stash to find card, paper and embellishements that will make something similar. However, that blooming wallpapering isn't done yet, 'peg leg' was so poorly yesterday that he was either asleep on the settee or in bed. I didn't get it done, so today's the day. Yak!


Gez said...

awe, GOREGEOUS sneaky peak :) can't wait to see your card.xx

kjjc said...

gorgeous but how on earth did you manage to get mountboard shaped like that? Recognise the die but which machine did you use to get it to cut the board?

Hels Sheridan said...

Aw big hugs for PL... poor thing... he needs to rest up! Now, I have made something... using those amazing skelingtons you sent... tis on me blog... would love your thoughts :O))
I haven't got the latest Magnolia mag but have had others in the past and some of those cards are simply divine aren't they? Email me your addy hun... I may have a little something that you could use ;o)) Hugs x