Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Inspiration comes from many sources, mine comes from anywhere and everywhere. However, my crafting pals supply mine on a regular basis. I am so very lucky to know such talented lovelies. With that sentiment I would like to let you share the latest wonders that have come my way.
As you know, my DH had a big birthday last Tuesday. His cards are still up as he always says it's his birthday week. Somehow though, this one has lasted 11 days so far!!!! He received a multitude of cards from the special greeting type to the hilariously funny, but these are the ones I want to share.
These beauties are from my special friend Sylvia, who lives in beautiful Devon. The card on the left is an anniversary card - it was our wedding anniversary on the same day. The edges of both cards have been subtly distressed and just take a look at the peel offs. So neat. She is my peel off queen. I love the spirelli as the threads Sylvia uses are so sparkly. Sylvia is a very talented all-rounder and can accomplish all sorts of crafts in the most professional way. You should see her needlework projects, especially her hand-made quilts. Absolutely incredible.
Now this card is by a new talent.
Considering the elements on it are all recently released, you would say they had been making cards for years. The colours are super, the construction is well planned and the whole thing is neat. I would be proud to have made this and I've been paper crafting for around 15years. Well you won't ever guess so I'll tell you, this card was created by no other than David Mason. Ok I know he lives with one of the greatest artists ever and attends umpteen workshops and demos, but he doesn't take notice of most of it, now do you David???? This is a hidden talent that I think we should see more of. Anyone agree??
This little box was a pressie to 'peg leg' from both Lindsay and David.

The front shows the 'buxom' wench on the inside - who is that then???? and the reverse shows a pusscat, there is an obvious meaning to that for him - and me.

All in all, he has some gorgeous treasures all made with the warmest wishes and friendship, as said at the beginning - FROM DEAR FRIENDS.

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Hazel (Didos) said...

Love the cards for Peg Leg. Pop Over to my blog as I have a wee award for you xxx