Sunday, 22 May 2011


That's what I've just had from the ever lovely, jovial Leonie Pujol.
Leonie is demonstrating today at Inspirations in Preston, so I just had to pop along to see her work her magic as I missed her the last time she was here.
Fantasy fibres, magic plastic, stamps, moulds, Leonie was 'playing' with it all.

I've never used the plastic but was amazed by the little embellishments she was making. The fibres and plastic used with a cookie cutter were the best. Leonie made some tiny flowers and they looked like they had beads stuck to them. The result was spectacular.

Were we all in stitches at some of her stories of craft that 'went wrong' and she is still the lovely bubbly person she has always been. I believe she will be 'up north' again soon, ie next month I think, so hopefully, I shall see her again then.
What a lovely day.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Looks interesting! Sorry we did't call in! Maybe see you next time! Chrisx